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2 Tone | High Back Seat Cover | Porsche Targa Shown

Sheepskin seat covers in a Porsche

Sheepskin Seat Covers for Porsche

Popular Styles for Standard Bucket Seats AND Custom Designs

CARLamb sheepskin seat covers for Porsche sports and bucket seat styles will enhance any vehicle's interior and give you added comfort!

Sheepskin bucket style seat covers are ideal for the car, suv, rv, boat, pilot, navigator, passenger or airplane enthusiast who takes long trips and wants the comfort of super lambswool extras should also invest in matching head rests, arm rests, steering wheel and seat belt covers helping to keep the trip more comfortable. Warm in winter and dry in summer!

CARLamb prepares sheepskin seat covers for Porsche sports bucket seats with great care.


Remember To Find Matching Sheep Skin Auto Accessories!
Sheepskin Head and Arm Rests, Steering
Wheel Covers & Seat Belt Cover Pads

Sheepskin Head Rests for seat cover setsLambswool Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover in GreySheepskin Seat Belt Pad Cover

Every seat cover is made from the finest sheepskin (lambswool) available! 

Your seat covers are made for your auto seat specification, to fit perfectly! 

CARLamb's sheepskin seat covers are available in a variety of colors and tones to compliment the interior and exterior of your Auto, Car, Sports Car, SUV, RV, Vans, Yachts, Boats, Motor Coach, Airplane, Aircraft, Golf Cart, Motorcycle, Vespa, Bike, Moped, or other vehicle. 

CARLamb car seat cover color options chart


Each set of front or back seat covers CARLamb makes can be crafted for many seat styles.

[Sheepskin seat cover seat style chartSheepskin Seat Cover SEAT STYLE CHART  ]

Customize Your Seat Cover Set!
Add a Second Color!

2 Tone Designer Seat Cover Enhancement for
Bucket, Standard Seat Style

Bucket Seat Style for Custom Sheepskin Seat CoversOnly $60 per bucket or standard seat

2 Tone Designer Seat Cover - Mercedes 560 SL Shown

2 Tone Designer Seat Cover Enhancement for
Bench Seat Style

Bench seat style for sheepskin seat coversOnly $120 for any bench style seat!

2 Tone Designer Seat Cover - Rolls Royce Corniche - Front Bucket and Back Bench Seat Shown


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CARLamb Sheepskin Seat Covers - Since 1972



In the US, Sheepskin Is a Super
Lamb Skin, Used Because It's a Comfy,
Soft, Warm, Cool Natural Fiber for Ultimate Shear Comfort

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